Costs of a subdivision can vary greatly from application to application, however, some of the basic costs that can be expected include:

1. Subdivision Fees (effective January 1, 2018)*

*Fees are payable by cash or cheque to the Oldman River Regional Services Commission (ORRSC) and are non-refundable.


Application Fee


Per Lot Fee


Per Lot Endorsement Fee


$325 each

$200 each



Subdividing a farmstead from a quarter section or creating two lots from an existing title:

A. Application fee $700
B. Per lot fee for 1 new lot $325
Subtotal $1025*
C. Endorsement fee for 1 new lot $200
Subtotal $200**
Total $1225

*Payable with initial application
**Payable prior to endorsement

2. Fee to Recirculate Application

Minor changes to an application may be accepted at the office with no additional costs; however, if the change requires the application to be recirculated to the various agencies, there will be a fee of $300.

3. Fee to Request an Extension

If you are unable to finalize your subdivision within one year from the date of decision, you may request an extension. A $325 fee is applicable at the time of your first request. Fees increase in $100.00 increments for each subsequent request.

4. Additional Fees that May be required include:

  • Costs of Surveying

Surveying is often required to show the location of structures, prepare plans and to register documents with the Land Titles Office. The Land Titles Act requires an Alberta Land Surveyor (ALS) to be used for this purpose. Surveyors should be contacted for estimates of the job. Click here – for a list of Alberta Land Surveyor’s available in southern Alberta.

  • Irrigation Districts

If the land being subdivided is within an irrigation district, there may be additional fees required to amend the delivery system or provide domestic water agreements.

  • Municipal Reserve

Municipal Reserve will normally be taken in accordance with the Act except as follows:

  • one lot is to be created from a quarter section
  • land is to be subdivided into lots of 40 acres or more and is to be used for agriculture
  • land to be subdivided is 2 acres or less

Reserve may be taken in either land or cash in lieu of land which would be 10% of the market value of the land. Market value may be assessed by the municipality or an applicant may provide a professional value assessment.

  • Municipal Services

All the costs of municipal services are usually the responsibility of the developer. This would include the costs for utilities provided by various utility companies. Some municipalities may require off-site levies at the time of subdivision or development.

  • Land Titles Office Fees

The Land Titles Office has fees for the issuance of new titles.

  • Costs of Other Professional Services

Other information may be required for the processing of the application or for meeting the conditions of the approval which may include:

  • legal fees
  • geotechnical analysis
  • historic archaeological surveys
  • ground and surface water analysis
  • underground fuel tank inspections